Shimmering Mist


Reduce dog odor and add a little bling to your your best friend's coat. (7 oz) 

Perfect if your dog is heading for an Oscar Party or wants to make a memorable impression on that first date, Sparkle and Shine Shimmering Mist is no ordinary finishing spray.

The first thing you'll notice is the all-natural mica that brings a delicate glitter to your best friend’s coat. What you don't see is that Shimmering Mist also contains natural silk proteins and aloe that moisturize and restructure the hair, leaving it silky, smooth and manageable. 

Even more amazing is that Shimmering Mist contains ingredients which work to repel dust and dirt, helping to keep your best friend to looking and smelling lovely for days longer.

Shimmering Mist:

  • Adds that extra touch of sparkle to your best friends outfit
  • Comes off easily when the dog is washed
  • Contains ingredients that help keep the dog cleaner longer
  • Smells marvelous
  • Yes you can use it on your "decolletage"

Contains no SLS or Parabens...and of course, is cruelty free.



Price: $17.99