Comfy Dog


Colloidal Oatmeal Shampoo for Dog's with Dry and Itchy Skin. (9 oz)

Dry, itchy skin; It 's one of the worst things about being a dog (well, that and the lack of opposable thumbs). Now, you can give your best friend a little relief. Comfy Dog contains colloidal oatmeal and botanical extracts of peppermint, burdock and comfrey. These all natural ingredients make your itchy dog's life much more comfortable. For easy rinsing, the shampoo doesn't overly lather (shampoo residue can be a terrible skin irritant), it's very gentle and will leave your dog not only feeling great but also smelling fresh and minty..

Approved by the FDA

Helps Relieve:

  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Hot spots
  • Dry, itchy or irritated skin
  • Insect bites

Comfy Dog contains no SLS or Parabens, uses a coconut based surfactant...and of course, is cruelty free. 

Price: $13.95